• Scamp being towed
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    Wheels keep turning…
    The scamp gets a new axle.

      When we bought an 1982 Scamp we knew eventually we would need a new axle. After the last couple of trips we notice some odd wear on our tires. The door side was wearing a lot faster than the back and we were going through tires to fast. So we knew it was time bite the bullet for a new axle.    The New Axle Axel replacement is something that is discussed in great detail over at a wonderful website/forum called Fiberglassrv.com. I highly recommend this group if you own or are thinking about owning a fiberglass camper. It’s a great group of people who are very knowledgeable! If…

  • Starfish on the beach.
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    Mosquito Whisperer, Bad Apple and a Dead Battery
    Collier Seminole State Park

      Maybe Florida was not a good choice after all… Maybe I’m the biting insect whisper.  We decided to split our week in two and after spending the first half at W.P. Franklin we headed down to  Collier Seminole State Park in Naples, Florida. A quick history of the park, in 1920 Barron Collier owned a million acres, which included a hardwood forest known as Royal Palm Hammock. This was because of a strand of native royal palm trees that grew there. A 150 acres were reserved for what was hoped to be the “Lincoln-Lee National Park. The government did not accept the proposal and it became a county park…